Chinese Vice Premier Visits VINNO
April 22-2015

 On the 27th of October, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli visited Vinno's award-winning Ultrasound manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China, for a tour of the facilities and Q&A session with employees. Following a private meeting with senior Vinno directors, the vice premier toured the Vinno site with the company's CEO Mr. Xi, during which he saw the company's advanced ultrasound scanners, met some of the engineers and received demonstrations of advanced medical technologies, including a VINNO G80 system.

 Vinno Company was founded 4 years ago with an investment of 1 million RMB. During this short period, it has already patented 52 innovations and won the 2013 Platinum Design Award. Mr. Xi, the company's CEO, has been working as a general manager for GE for over 8 years in the R&D team.

This unique visit by the government official has highlighted the support and the growing performance of China's small and medium companies. Furthermore, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli's visit has been limited to only a select number of companies with a vision on future development and high quality performance. The vice premier emphasized the important role of technological innovation to improve economic growth. He noted that innovative enterprises are an important driving force for Chinese economy. "Today overwhelming majority and tomorrow indomitable spirit, this will lay a solid foundation and supply the great support for a stable economic development," he said. "The leadership within the Communist Party of China will provide a fundamental guarantee to supply a better background and good official policy, transform government functions, cancel the procedures for examination and approval or transfer the power to the lower level, create a more comfortable environment for most of the enterprises."

 The vice premier urged to improve the financial and tax policies, decrease the burden of taxes and duties, smooth financing channels and increase the support for local enterprises. "We should work to cultivate a batch of innovative enterprises with innovation ability, intellectual property, and famous brand," he said, "to set up the international field of vision, take part in the international business matchmaking and competition, and to encourage the enterprises into international market."

 He also called to improve the service system, carry the public platform forward and help the enterprises out of trouble. "We should work together to present to the world a progressive, inclusive and prosperous China, to promote mutual understanding and carry on the friendship and learn from each other," stated Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli.

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